Karen area


Magadi Road

Beltop Plaza, behind Total Petrol station, next to Park Place Hotel

office:   0700 185 566
shop:    0740 044 143 / 0795 115 034

opening hours

Mon-Sun 07:00 – 19:00

This is a bakery shop which boasts of proximity to the open-concept bakery which simply means that the shop will hardly run out on any product as the team can within minutes requisition fresh stocks from the bakery right behind them.

Located at the Total Petrol station next to Park Place hotel, the Magadi shop is also host to beautiful scenery from the nearby national park. From the terrace and beautiful garden, you will feast your eyes to baboons and monkeys not to mention myriads of flora around you. Get a fresh breath of air at this fantastic place -they even have blankets to ward off cold weather!