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Our production process

how do we bake it great?

We start with picking the best natural ingredients. This means no unnecessary additives or preservatives.

We allow the dough to prove for two days, so that the natural flavours have time to develop.

And that’s what you can smell and taste in the final product!

Then our bakers shape the dough manually into bread: loaves, baguettes, pistolets, buns, etc.

But … how do we bake it great?? We bake our bread in a stone floor oven – that’s how the bread gets its crispy crust and its rich taste.


pure sourdough bread

Shaped manually and free of yeast, sugar and preservatives. Our bakers only use pure ingredients to make our bread – whether it is spelt, multigrain, whole wheat, white oval, corn bread or any other product.


daily fresh

All our breads are baked at night and delivered fresh at the shops in the morning. Bread that is not sold will be returned to the bakery at the end of the day and donated to a charity.

That way we guarantee daily fresh products for you!

storage tips


Our loaf packaging has a special biodegradable coating. You can keep a sliced loaf in the packaging for about 2-3 days. Good to know that you can also freeze the bread in the same packaging.


stean’s beans

Not only do we have fantastic bread, we also have our own BBROOD specialty coffee, exclusively roasted for us with East African beans by Stean’s Beans. This coffee is served in our shops, but also available as beans or ground coffee in 250g or 500 g packages.





shops and opening hours

Our pure sourdough bread is available in our shops in Nairobi. But you can also find it in the BBROOD shops in Uganda and Rwanda, as well as in the Netherlands. Nutritious and tasty sourdough bread for everybody, anywhere in the world.