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what is the difference between sourdough and yeast?

An important difference is the speed of proving. Bread dough based on yeast is ready to be baked within three hours. Whereas BBROOD sourdough gets two days to develop before it is baked. Difference in proving means difference in taste: the more time the dough gets to prove, the more natural flavours and aromas will develop. That’s why BBROOD bread does not need any extra artificial additives. Another advantage of the long proving process is that part of the phytic acids is degraded, hence the nutrients in the bread become easier to digest. Another difference between a yeast and a sourdough product is the structure: the sourdough structure is rougher and more uneven which makes it more solid than a yeast product.

is bbrood bread organic?

Our bread is not organic, but it is made with the best natural ingredients without any unnecessary additives.

We also decided to look further than our bread only. As such, we have packaging that is biodegradable. At BBROOD, we take our responsibility to operate environmental-friendly and we are continuously working on improvement in this respect.

is bbrood spelt bread recommendable for persons with a gluten- or wheat allergy?

Grains like wheat, spelt and rye contain gluten, which is a type of protein. All BBROOD bread contains gluten, including spelt. Gluten are digested and absorbed by the human body, just like other proteins. However, some people are allergic or intolerant to gluten and we would recommend them not to eat BBROOD bread.
First of all, it is important to know that spelt is not gluten free and for that reason not recommendable for persons who in general do have a negative reaction to gluten. 

why does bbrood spelt bread contain a bit of wheat gluten?

Because of the long preparation process of our sourdough bread, we are ‘stretching’ the product. We add a small percentage of wheat gluten as these are stronger then spelt gluten. Therefore, it is possible to extend the proving time, which gives the bread more volume and allows the optimal development of natural flavours.

where does bbrood bake the products?

BBROOD has its bakery at Magadi Road, behind the Total Petrol station, next to Park Place Hotel. Here our bakers make fresh bread and pastries every day. From this bakery the products are daily delivered to our other outlets. 

does bbrood make use of improvers or additives?

Our bread is 100% natural and does not contain any unnecessary additives. Bread improvers are not done in our BBROOD business, neither are unnatural additives. Our ingredients are simple: the basis always consists of flour, water and salt, in combination with sourdough. Because we follow an artisanal process – our bakers mould each loaf manually – the products will never look exactly the same. Other factors, like temperature and humidity, also influence the baking process.

why is bbrood sourdough so extremely delicious?

Apart from the qualitatively high-grade ingredients that we use, time, attention and love are important ingredients of our sourdough bread. We take time to let the dough prove and develop natural taste and aromas. Over the years and with dedication and attention, we have developed a unique recipe. This recipe is put in practice with passion by our bakers every day again. The result: bread in its purest form – of which we are proud!

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