the adventure

Renee prepared her thesis in Uganda, a project that finally resulted in the B.I.S.S. initiative. During this period abroad, she made the conclusion – together with fellow students – that there is no tasty bread available in Uganda.

Years later and being the manager of some shops of her own, she remembered her thesis experience, and the seed that had been planted at the time started to sprout. Thanks to a subsidy of the Dutch government, BBROOD dared to pick up the challenge to set up a bakery in Kampala, Uganda. It took two years of preparations before the business could be opened in 2011. From the very first day it was a success! Nowadays there are a number of BBROOD locations in Uganda.
With this great experience in Uganda, BBROOD started to look at the neighbouring countries. Rwanda seemed an ideal investment potential because of its excellent infrastructure and enormous economic growth. Thus in 2013 the first BBROOD shop in the capital Kigali was opened. At the beginning, the shop was supplied with bake-off products from the Ugandan bakery. After half a year, it was time to set up a separate bakery in Rwanda. Nowadays there are two BBROOD shops in Kigali.

To bring BBROOD to Kenya has been on the wish-list for many years. The major bottleneck was to find a proper location. The idea was to have a building that fits an open bakery as well as houses a (coffee)shop. Finally, a big space was found along the road to Rongai, opposite Nairobi National Park. The bakery & coffeeshop was opened on 7 May 2016. BBROOD Kenya nowadays has six outlets and a bakery.

Twice a year, Renee travels to East Africa – often together with colleagues – to visit all bakeries and shops. In return, African bakers and other staff regularly go to the Netherlands for training.

customer’s quote

‘Always the best sandwiches are found at BBROOD UGANDA. Thank you so much for appreciating me. May God bless BBROOD and all your staff.’



BBROOD is present with five outlets in Kampala, and even in Entebbe and Jinja you can enjoy our fresh sourdough bread.

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At two locations in Kigali BBROOD is selling delicious sourdough products made by Kaka and Eugene.

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The BBROOD bakery in Kenya is located at Magadi road near Nairobi National Park. The 24/7 operations there facilitate production of our day fresh bread and pastries for the shop on site plus five more outlets spread over Nairobi.

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B.I.S.S. project

bake it smart and simple

B.I.S.S. is a micro-credit project launched by Renee during her thesis for the study International Finance.

B.I.S.S. stands for Bake It Smart and Simple. It is a micro-credit project that assists less fortunate people in Uganda in getting a loan that is to be (partly) refunded. Participants will obtain a training of two weeks, during which they will learn how to bake products in a simple way, without electricity and tap water, and subsequently sell these in the market.
The B.I.S.S. project mainly focusses on young handicapped persons and their parents. It aims to give them a chance to build up an independent life based on the micro-credit principle.

Individually or as a group, they can start their own bakery that – if it proves to be successful – can be developed into a bigger bakery. This is where phase 2 of B.I.S.S. comes into the picture with an additional training.

The B.I.S.S. project is realised in close cooperation with Bake for Life and the Liliane Foundation.

50 eurocents of each banana bread sold and part of the revenues of the sales of our African carrier bags are donated to this charity.

Warm heart

bake for life

Bake for Life is a Dutch foundation, established in 1999, with love for the bakers’ art and heart for the less fortunate people in Africa. It gives vulnerable people the possibility to escape poverty via education and a job. The knowledge of the bakers’ profession gives them a chance to a better future! Bake for Life has set up five bakeries in Uganda and Kenya. All these bakeries are operated independently by local organisations. The people working in the bakeries are of various kind: they are handicapped or orphan, single parent or have left school prematurely due to special circumstances.
BBROOD shares the ideas and objectives of Bake for Life and supports the foundation by selling Bake for Life banana bread in all our shops. 50 eurocents of the sale of each loaf is donated for the construction of new bakeries in Uganda.

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